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The Gourmand Fellowship is an 8-10 week fellowship for Columbia University students to gain industry experience in hospitality and the culinary world, while connecting restaurants with college communities. We would further like to give our utmost thanks to Chelsea Market for sponsoring this fellowship.

We are excited to announce this year's fellows:

Benjamin Gorman - CC '25 - Junoon

Benjamin Gorman is a physics major at Columbia University who enjoys making soup for their friends and the lovely people at Broadway Community Lunch. Benjamin started cooking as a Garde Manger at Black Trumpet Portsmouth, and has loved being in kitchens since. As a Director of Kesem at Columbia, they're known as "Jellyman". Their dream Chopped basket includes yuzu, crickets, candied cashews, and leftover burger meat. They also stepped on a rat once, after work, and still feel bad about it.

Cecelia Fatta - CC '25 - Breads Bakery

I am a third year studying Neuroscience and Behavior at Columbia. I am interested in the senses like smell and taste, and I hope to go into food science. I have worked on a berry farm, which was challenging but fun. I also worked at a healthcare clinic where I organized community nutrition classes. Growing up, I wanted to open a bakery in my hometown because we didn’t (and still don’t) have one. One of my favorite things about being in New York has been going to bakeries. I hope to learn all about how Breads Bakery operates, get hands-on experience in their kitchen, and learn how teamwork improves their workplace.

Menasha Thomas - BC '24 - Breads Bakery

Menasha Thomas is a senior at Barnard College and has been interested in pastry arts from a young age. Inspired by her Asian roots and experience growing up in the United States, Menasha enjoys using food as a way to explore and celebrate her Asian American identity.

Serene Sung - BC '24 - RH Gold Hospitality

Hii! I am Serene Sung, a senior at Barnard college. I love learning about all the different aspects of food. Has anyone heard of the Cheese Cave? Majoring in Economics and psychology, I wanted to pursue my passion for the food and beverage industry. Recently, I received my acceptance letter to a graduate program at EHL ( a Hospitality university) , a moment I've eagerly anticipated. This milestone is not just about furthering my education; it's a crucial step towards achieving my dream of opening my own restaurant.

Aditya Khera - CC '24 - RH Gold Hospitality

I started really getting into food during the pandemic - it was a hobby at first but I quickly became obsessed. I loved learning about how simple techniques could elevate ingredients and create something wonderful/shareable. Food has quickly become a love language and I'm passionate about using food to connect with people. The fellowship is an exciting opportunity to build on that love and continue using food to build relationships.

Kevin Li - CC '24 - Blackseed Bagels

Kevin Li is a senior at Columbia University studying Computer Science. He is excited to be working and exploring the food and hospitality industry in New York City — the world's most dynamic and diverse epicenter for food. He especially to be excited to be working with local small business with core missions of sustainability and community-focused impact.

Gianna Bianchi - BC '25 - Fortini Pizza Romana


Hello! My name is Gianna Bianchi and I am a junior studying anthropology! Growing up with a mom who cooked three meals from scratch a day, I have always been surrounded by a kind of cooking culture but it wasn’t until college where I accidentally fell into the professional side! After working the past few years cooking for a family and holding various roles in restaurants, I have become very interested in the NYC food scene and am hoping to continue this path with Gourmand and post-grad!

Raven Rothkopf - BC '24 - Fortini Pizza Romana

Hi! I'm Raven Rothkopf, a senior studying computer science at Barnard from Chicago, Illinois. I love bringing people together and making new connections around food, whether its through dinner parties, unearthing family recipes, or discovering new restaurants around the city. I am looking forward to improving my technical cooking skills and palette so that I can share my experiences with the ones I care about!